Monique Fay the healer, the artist, traveler in the psyche invites you, the viewer, to share her journey and to make it your own.


“Everything is a teacher. Nothing is insignificant.”

This work is dedicated

H.H. Kenting Tai Situpa Rinpoche

who inspired and blessed
this photographic journey
since its inception
through the sublime wisdom of the
Five Elements.


The Book of Fay  is essentially an interactive experience, not only a dialogue with the artist as she shares what she sees and feels, but also an invitation to react internally to what we see and feel. The photographs and their locations came out of insights, vision and dreams too powerful to ignore, driving the artist to the sources of her passion. She did not choose the locations. The locations choose her. Some 34 years in the making, in this epic work, artist Monique Fay presents us with a photographic autobiography of a spiritual journey into life’s inner spaces, a journal derived from her innermost memories, dreams and reflections…



The Apprentice Cards are a collection of 35 nature-inspired photographs that capture the presence of Spirit in the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, AirSpace. These five elements are the building blocks for our existence. Through the use of the Apprentice Cards, we are able to connect to the transformative healing power of nature, bringing forth our inner clarity and enlightenment. These nature-inspired images act as a catalyst, guiding us on a powerful inner-journey of self-revelation…


Monique Fay is a pioneer and a visionary in the fields of photography and healing. Her journey began as an inspired mission toward self-healing in the late 60’s. It quickly became clear that she was not alone on this journey, but was being guided on where to go and what to capture with her camera. Her mission then evolved into an adventure of exploration and discovery, connecting her to Spirit, manifesting itself through the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space. As a photographer, she has developed contemplatively, inspired nature photos over a span of nearly 50 years…