For questions or thoughts that require a more in-depth reading, utilize the 3 CARD READING technique.

This process gives you the opportunity to access your higher self, allowing you to discover your true, personal path. This path will be revealed as you stay with the process, listening to your own intuition. The answers might be immediate, or they may be revealed to you later, when the time is right. Before you start, it is very helpful to choose a quiet space and take the time to center yourself. Breathe in and out a few times; slow down your breath. This will clear your mind and you will be more focused and receptive.

First Card


After formulating your question choose your first card (as stated in Choosing a Card) . This first card represents your present situation. Stay with the image in order to experience how it translates your feelings. Notice where and what you feel in your physical body. Take your time to explore what is being felt. Nature communicates through all 5 senses. Then, turn the card over and read the keyword and message. How do they support your question? Be open minded.

The cards are taking you through a learning process. Even though you may feel that you already have your answer, allow the card to take you even deeper. Breathe. Be still. Be receptive. This is just the beginning.

To demonstrate this technique, here is a personal example:
“Which 1st card would best explain the 3 CARD READING process?

To my surprise the first card that came up was the one I had already used as an example for HOW TO CHOOSE A CARD. So I felt that I was on the right path. When I turned it over it confirmed that I needed to trust that whatever card would come up next was going to best explain the process.

Second Card


When you are ready to go further, choose a second card, and repeat the same process. This card suggests possible solution. It will give you further insight into your exploration. Please remember that this is an intuitive process. It is an inner journey meant to take you to the depths of yourself, allowing you to find your own solutions. As stated before, there is no book that will give you a standardized answer. The solution is within yourself, trust the process.

Example (continued):
“Which 2nd card would best explain the 3 CARD READING process?

This image visually gave me a sense of movement and direction, a distinct evolution from the first card. It confirmed that the role of the second card is to show possibilities.

The message on the back of the card “clear FLIGHT” says to me that it is opening the way for solutions to appear.

Third Card


The third card will confirm the direction that you feel inclined to take (or not take).

Example (continued):
“Which 2nd card would best explain the 3 CARD READING process?

The third card surprised me and confused me at first. After pondering over it, the card started to make sense; one needs to be patient with this inner process as the solution may not readily be shown. Some unwinding and reprograming in the brain* needs to take place so that new possibilities can show themselves. This is the purpose of the cards: to allow new pathways to be formed as old ones are discarded, and find your unique true self in the process. This was confirmed by the message on the back of the card: “DISCOVER the door to treasure.”

*To read more about brain reprogramming please click here.

Keywords & Messages


Notice how the key words and messages of the 3 cards relate to one another in the sequence. This process will give you further clarity and confirmation.

Example (continued):

•When I look at the 3 messages and keywords: “WELCOME live in confidence, clear FLIGHT, and DISCOVER the door to treasure” I feel that the cards explained the process.

•The first card represents the present situation. You want to remain confident as you choose your cards.

•The second card represents possibilities. You want to remain open as you choose your cards.

•The third card represents outcome. You may or may not get an immediate answer, but trust the process.

*Working with these images can have a deep and powerful effect and may evoke old memories and trigger suppressed emotions. For any further questions, feel free to contact Monique at info@moniquefayhealingarts.com.

To go deeper in your reading, please go to the Structure of the Deck page.