Monique Fay is a pioneer and a visionary in the fields of photography and healing.

Her journey began as a mission toward self-healing in the late 60s, yet spiraled into an adventure of exploration and discovery, connecting her to the spirits and power that nature inherently holds. As a photographer, she has developed contemplatively, inspired nature photos over a span of nearly 50 years.

Her artwork has been greatly influenced in her her travels around the world by the traditions, spiritual practices and healing arts of the Tibetans, Hawaiians and Native Americans.

Monique also holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and acupuncture. She founded The Rejuvena Institute, Inc. in 1993—a multidisciplinary center for the healing arts, which became Monique Fay Healing Arts LLC in 2017.

In 2002, her practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine led her to incorporate the Bodytalk system, expanding the foundations of her healing career.

In 2008, The Book of Fay was published. The book, which was 34 years in the making, presents a photographic autobiography of a spiritual journey into life’s inner spaces, a journal derived from Monique’s own life challenges, and the solutions given to her by nature, through her photography. The images in this book serve as the foundation for the Apprentice Cards that were published in 2016.

Monique’s practice offers a unique synthesis of skills, wisdom and experience and is based in Santa Barbara, California. Over the last two years her practice has evolved to incorporate the Apprentice Cards as both a powerful learning and healing tool, encouraging others to rediscover the healing power of nature. She is also developing various workshops using the Apprentice Cards, leading to a potential certification program in the Five Elements.

Death Valley, CA 2016

Ice cave, Iceland, 2017


Through photography, I will show you the way out of suffering.” This is what I heard one day, as I was focusing the lens of my camera, looking through the grid of a metal fence on a desolate city block that reflected my own state of mind. As I heard those words, I felt a presence filled with light. Stunned by the energy, tears rolled down my face. Despite the bleak scene before me, I was in a state of awe. Transformation through photography? How was that possible?

I had assumed that photojournalism was my path, until three years later when I had the opportunity to meet with the Editor-in-Chief of a prominent magazine, who took a few moments of his precious time to glance at my portfolio. His immediate, fiery response changed the course of my life forever: “You are an artist, not a photojournalist. Put color film in your camera and go out in nature. That’s where you belong.”

He rekindled my childhood dream to photograph nature spirits. Being in nature was always where I came alive. I remembered how my father first held his camera to my eye. It was magical. Through the viewfinder I could see spirits looking at me, but I felt sad and puzzled that they never appeared on my father’s color slides.

Moving to a big city as an adult, I lost all contact with nature and became quite ill. As time went on I prayed to find a way to recapture the spirits, joy, and knowledge once available to me as a child. One night I was shown in a dream the way to take these transformational photographs that I now share with you. They were revealed over the next thirty-four years and depict the wisdom abiding in the natural elements. This discovery led me to my own healing and to answer the call toward healing others.

When they were first released in 2008 as a large art book, The Book of Fay, I witnessed their transformative and healing impact on others. They evolved into the Apprentice Cards, an inter-active play between the healing energies of nature and your intuition. They have now found their way to you, a portal to your inner world. Enjoy the magic!