The Apprentice Cards are the result of a personal journey in search of healing from life’s difficult situations. Each image contains a very specific energy and has a particular purpose. Through the process of seeing and exploring the images on each card, your mind will be taken to places of deeper thought and clarity, presenting you with the opportunity for growth and new perspective.


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The Apprentice Cards are a collection of 35 nature-inspired photographs that capture the essence of the 5 elements – EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE.
These five elements are the building blocks for our existence. Therefore, these Healing Cards create a profound interaction between the spirits of the natural world and the deepest parts of ourselves.


The Apprentice Cards return us to what the Ancients knew: To transform, we must engage the hidden truths that control our world, so that their wisdom may reveal itself to us. Through use of the Apprentice Cards, we are able to connect to the transformative power of the elements, bringing forth our inner clarity and enlightenment. These nature-inspired images act as a guide to translating this knowledge, thus gaining mastery over our life.

Apprentice Cards: A Personal Oracle

“The Apprentice Cards are, first of all, sensual: they are exquisite to look at and delectable to touch. Each one of them is a great work of art. But they are so much more. Every card is like a gateway to other dimensions, other frequencies of energy. Every time I’ve used them—both on my own and in a session with Monique—I felt a distinct presence, as if the cards are ensouled by an intelligence, a nature spirit.

How do the cards work? I think the image first works on our subconscious to draw out what needs to come into the light of awareness. Second, there appears to be a non-verbal communication from the nature spirit that infuses the card, which “speaks” to our intuitive faculties. And lastly, the keyword on the back reveals the card’s message – which, again, needs to be interpreted by every card user.

To me, the Apprentice Cards are like a personal oracle. I can imagine a Sybil crouching over the intoxicating fumes that oozed from a crack at Delphi, and uttering messages inscribed on these cards.”

– Svetlana Meritt, Author of Meet Me in the Underworld

Using the Apprentice Cards in Nature


To my teacher H.H. Kenting Tai Situpa Rinpoche who inspired and blessed this photographic journey since its inception through the sublime wisdom of the Five Elements.